Q.1 : In which platform can I play A Mechanical Story?

A.1 : Currently we are targeting IOS market. If you have an iPad, iPhone or an iPod device then your good to go!

Q.2 : What do I need to play the game?

A.2 : You need atleast one of these devices. iPad first generation, iPod touch 4th generation or iPhone 4. However we recommend iPad2, iPod Touch 5th generation or iPhone 4s to run the game at 60 FPS. All the other devices that came out after are fully supported.

Q.3 : Erm...I am not sure what an FPS is can you speak english please?

A.3 : FPS stands for Frames Per Second and it used as measurements to indicate how many times a scene displayed on your device screen in one second.Higher FPS results smoother visuals as well as smoother physics simulation.

Q.4 : I have one of those older devices you mentioned earlier. (iPad first generation, iPod 4th generation or iPhone 4) are there any ways that I can increase the FPS of the game?

A.4 : Yes there is. If you disable the background gears displayed on the game, your FPS should increase. You can do this in settings menu or alternativly in pause menu.

Q.5 : At some of the levels I am stuck and cannot clear it. Is this a Bug in game?

A.5 : We tried our best to eradicate all the bugs in the game. Make sure that the level is not playable because of a wrong move. If you restart the level and still having issues its probabily a rare bug. Email us in more detail. If you can, please also explain how you produced the bug.

Q.6 : I am not fun of facebook. I don't want it as part of my game play. Can I cancel it?

A.6 : If you don't login to facebook in game, you will not be dealing with facebook. However, you might get pop up reminders. If you want to completly disable the facebook. you can do it through the settings menu of the game.

Q.7 : I like facebook but it keeps posting messages to my facebook timeline. Can I disable it?

A.7 : We wanted to make the game play smoot and not bombarding you with facebook reminders. Thus, once you accept the publish_permision request, game might be posting on your behalf when you clear a level with a new high score. You can still cancel the permission by going to app settings section in your facebook account.

Q.8 : Do you share my facebook details with someone else?

A.8 : None of your details are stored on our servers. More information can be found on our privacy policy section.

Q.8 : OMG! I love A Mechanical Story! I would like to review this game? How can I get in touch with you?

A.8 : We are happy that you love the game! It means alot to us. You can send an email to us through enquiries@skyfishstudios.com

Q.9 : I am still having some issues with A Mechanical Story and have some questions not answered here. Can I have some support here NOW!!! (>.<)

A.9 : Contact as through support@amechanicalstory.com and we will get back to you ASAP!