Privacy Policy

Skyfish Studios keen to provide safe environment to all its users when they are using one of our games or websites.

We tried to keep our privacy policy as simple as possible. If you still have some questions after reading our privacy policy, feel free to contact us.

Your Privacy :

Skyfish Studios does not store your personal and private informations to be used for marketing, advertisement nor shares your data with a third party company.

Some of our apps such as our latest game A Mechanical Story may request some private data from your Facebook account.However the requested data is not stored or transmitted to servers.Also our apps ask you for permission when it needs to. You can decline these permissions when it is asked for if you wish to do so. There are no restriction in games we develop if you decide not to accept requested permissions. Our applications will still fully function without your private data.

You are free to cancel the facebook permission you granted for one of our applications. You can cancel the permissions through facebook platform by going to your facebook account->settings->apps and clicking on one of our applications.

We do access your private data when you give us permission through facebook.The private data we access is your full name,Facebook profile picture, user data and people on your friends list whos also using one of our application. These informations are only accessed when the application is running and its not stored anywhere on your device's hard drive. Any data recieved after accessing to your private data deleted once you exit the application.

The only reason we access your private data is to provide you with a better gaming experience. We belive that when the information shared between friends, our apps brings out better experience to the users. The private information we get from you is limited to produce a high score list between your friends. Anyone who is not in your facebook friend list will not be able to see your details at all within our games. Even if other users are using one of our apps.

Cookies :

Some websites require cookies to run effectively and efficiently by storing your preferences when you visit them first time through your browser. These preferences may include your real name as well and your geographical location. and do not require cookies since our websites doesn't depend on Cookies to run fully functional.

Changes :

Time to time we may need to change or update our privacy policy. We will be posting on our main website, facebook page and twitter account when such changes take place. If you want to hear about these changes we recommend that you follow us through our faceboop page or through our twitter account. This maybe a bit unconvienient for you but we have no other means of contacting you since we don't store your email adress on our servers.

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